Sunday, May 7, 2017

Weekend Photos

Here are a few photos from this weekend.

 I overheard Archie talking to Lulu about braiding her hair and when I look over I see this! Love them!!

 We went to an awesome birthday party yesterday...
 There was a huge water slide and a little playground the kids all loved.

 Archie was the only one brave enough to go down but Caleb thought about it a bit.

A new favorite photo.

 And this morning, around the yard.

 Lulu just adores her little buff orpington chick. We call her Fluff Buff.

 And Jacob thinks the ducks are the only ones who make the water mucky.
Down to 3 ducks in the yard. One is in the fridge for tomorrow's dinner.

 The boys playing by the old pump.

And Clyde, he's about 7 months now and ready to breed. We'll put him in with our ewes soon.