Monday, April 24, 2017

Lulu Is Two Cake Smash

Lulu turned 2 recently and got her very own lollipop (or "pop pop" as she likes to say) smash cake.

pointing to the sheep that were watching

 She had so much fun with her cake!

 The boys were too happy to join in!

After the cake smash she played in the irrigation mud.

New Sheep!

We got a new sheep! Whipcream is a dorper x st croix mix. She is super sweet and friendly and only 1 year old. We hope she is already bred so that she has an adorable baby that looks just like her that is also great around people. I plan to milk her (for at least a little while) since she is so friendly but she isn't bred for milk so it might not be worth the time. In the meantime, we are enjoying have a sheep that will actually let us pet her and gladly eats from our hands.

 So much Lulu love!

Isn't she the sweetest!!

Caleb's First Ballet

Catching up a little here... 
This past December, Caleb got to perform in his very first ballet. A Christmas Carol. He loved it some much! It's too bad that the practice interfered with school. We're taking the semester off but we will be back again in summer or fall.

Caleb mid-air!

He was so ready for his tendu and even used the correct leg! :)

 I didn't take too many photos because I wasn't suppose to take any but I broke some rules because I wanted to remember this.

Easter 2017

A few photos from this year's Easter egg hunt.

We had family dinner after church and Donica made us the most delicious ham.
Then we hunted eggs. Grandma brought about 300 eggs. We filled them will jelly beans and everyone's pocket change. The kids put the money in their saving jar.

Church was stake conference but the week before the kids sang Gethsemane. Lulu is still in nursery but she knows the song and went up with her brothers.