Thursday, January 12, 2017

Day two of the lambs!

 They are now just over one day old and getting too much attention from my babies.

Thank goodness she is a good mama!

My baby!

Enjoying his Christmas present.

Our first Lambs

There are dozens of photos that I still need to blog about Christmas and other things too but while it's still fresh in my mind, one of our sheep had lambs yesterday!
Jacob saw the lambs around 6:30am when he was checking the chickens and feeding them leftovers before work. He came back in and let me know, so I got up and got dressed to see them. In between worrying and fretting I managed to try to get the lambs vitamins and spray their umbilical cords with iodine. Oh and show the kids that we have lambs!! Lulu was in shock, the boys were overjoyed. They are only a day old now and I still worry, it's winter but mild weather now but hey are tiny! And I so want them to be okay. Even though we are raising them for meat, I don't think I could handle a dead newborn lamb. They are Blackbellies so they are pretty tough sheep but I am new to this and can't help worry.

They are both so similar in appearance. I was staring at them forever, trying to figure out if there was a spot or some marking or coloring that would make it easy to tell them apart. And then I noticed their wiggling tails and and it turns out we have girl and a boy! The ewe seems to be a good mother, the sheep that hasn't given birth yet does not love those lambs that aren't hers, they get confused as to who their mom is and she butts them away. I've separated her a few times but I don't want her to get lonely and she hasn't given birth yet (which could happen any day or in a couple of months but I think sooner than later).

Our kids reacting to the new babies.

Still wet from birth.

 Here are some of the first signs that they were both doing okay. Bonding a looking for milk.

Lulu helps me feed the sheep almost every morning and she went in this morning- I didn't let her in yesterday so she just loved the lambs, they are curious and will come over to us, to the mom's dismay, and I hope to get some more photos with the lambs and the kids today after school.