Friday, December 15, 2017

Morning Outings With The Littles

Caleb is in afternoon pre-k and some mornings we have adventures. This morning was one. We went to a local nursery and got to explore their beautiful greenhouse. Then we went to the bookstore.

Caleb is such a little old man. I mean, that is his favorite jacket and look at him with the plants! 

 Me: Kids stand here and hug.
The kids: Like this? 
Haha, they just wanted to explore.

It took some convincing to get this shot. He just wanted ALL the plants.

Caleb took this one. :) 

It was so nice to see so many flowers, especially since we have none since we frosts.

 Ah the Christmas trees!

 And our quick trip to Coas bookstore. We love it there! 

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta 

The Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta was lots of fun! We went to see our favorite sister missionary and the balloons of course. We got to see Jacob's family too. It was a fun little trip for us.

 This is sister Hubbard. Lulu calls her Cubbard. It's adorable and they love each other so much. We are hoping she gets transferred back to Las Cruces soon.

 We met cousins there too!

Lulu was so upset that I wanted a photo with out the Schnuller. We need to have her quit soon but she still sleeps with it and loves to nap because of it.

 We woke up so early to get there fist thing, there was no mass take off because the wind was blowing the wrong way but we still saw lots of balloons.

 Caleb said there was a cowboy balloon and that it was his favorite and he needed a photo with it. I didn't see the cowboy part until it took off. Caleb sure loves all things cowboy, he is going to be one for Halloween. 

 Pulling the fire.

 "Schnuller balloon!!!"

 It was good to hang out with family there!

So happy with herself for taking off her hat. Stinker. 

who is the better model? lol

Jacob sung all the kids and they loved it. So glad he had Monday off and came with us!!

 We enjoyed some time at Bovine Wallow. The kids got to ride in Grandpa's wheel barrow that he got from his father when he got married. They picked apples and raspberries and ate them fresh. We petting the cows and walked the orchards. We came home with lots of Grandma's jam and salsa.