Saturday, December 24, 2016

Santa at Sweet Cece's

A year ago we had THE BEST Santa experience at Sweet Cece's Las Cruces so I decided to take photos for it this year and help raise money for St Judes. It was fun to see so many friends there with their kids and meet new people too. It meant 2 nights of Santa photos and some time away from family right before Christmas but it was for a good cause and my family got to come last night!

They were just so excited to be there! They just love Sweet Cece's!! The frozen yogurt is delicious and the toppings are so much fun!!! And this time there was Santa and presents!
Enjoying her tasty treat... she didn't know what was coming...

 Archie was eager to talk to Santa this year and he told him he wanted an art set and something else that he wasn't going to ask for (I'm guessing the something else was a tractor that he saw at Tractor Supply that was over our Christmas budget).

 Caleb was a bit nervous to talk to Santa and I didn't hear if he said anything to him but he asked me for a cake, with frosting and sprinkles and stripes on it. Isn't that the cutest!?!

 I was surprised that Lulu was this fine with Santa but it didn't last!!
 I think if she could articulate what she wanted for Christmas it would be a horse and a baby doll.
Lulu was keeping an eye on Santa!
At the end of the evening she was a happy girl, even though she hated sitting on Santa this year....

Here's proof she loved it last year: