Saturday, October 22, 2016

Our Day

Today has been great. Filled with little things I want to remember. 
I went shopping with just Lulu and the lady and Horse and Hound recognized her as the one who is always wearing those adorable boots and tutus. Also, at least 5 people complimented her boots while we were out. 
We randomly stopped by SI Bistro to by cake and cream puffs because it's so yummy there and they are closing next week. :(
And we found blueberries at the dollar tree, just when I was sure they didn't sell them anymore. We also found hula hoops there (for a chicken tractor) when we thought they might be out of season.

I got new library books about farming!
I noticed the sheep have begun to really eat the weeds. Now that the chicken feed is blocked better. Maybe I can do archery again soon.

And this evening's session rescheduled so I get to hang out here on a Saturday night!!

 Earlier this week, I took the little kids to Alamogordo and we went to the zoo and to lunch and then picked up these 3 black Australorps. I built their temporary home, pictured above. It's just a little quarantine pen for them to stay in for a week or 2...
The triplets, since they are kind of hard to tell apart...

Caleb supervising the hula hoop chicken tractor construction, which will be the triplet's new home if it's finished today.

Archie is strangely excited about the sheep manure. He has been begging to clean it up via shovel and wheelbarrow. I won't complain. Oh and behind him is the ash remnants of the wood pallet bonfire. We had a fun mutual at our house this Wednesday.

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