Sunday, September 4, 2016

Our Latest Horse Ride

School has started and so we've been waking up before the sun to get both boys to their riding lessons. This won't last much longer, with the sunrise coming later each day as fall approaches but Archie was too excited about riding to be left out and after school is busy with naps and dinner and family time and sessions...

Soon it will just be Caleb riding. Which was kind of the plan. He has a speech delay and I heard that ridding horses can help. So this is for him! Also, we just signed him up for ballet, which he is so excited about! I might try to get a photo before or after next class next week. And blog more later about it. For now our latest ride, and maybe Archie's last of the school year.

 Archie practiced writing in the dirt while Caleb rode.
 Lulu insisted that she got a turn...

 This is where they mount and she went over all on her own.

 These are some happy kids!

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