Sunday, September 18, 2016


We went camping this weekend. 
Somewhere outside of Socorro. Red Rock, maybe?
We met some of Jacob's family there so there we lots of cousins, hotdogs and marshmallows.

Dirty, whiny Caleb.

photo credit: Archie. he found these mushrooms and showed them to me.

The boys with cousin Hartley. They found this TP out there and thi is how I found out about it...
 Archie: Mom, there's a TV out here.
Me: A TV??
Archie: Yes, a TV but not like the kind you watch, the kind like the Indians built.
Me: Oh a Teepee!

 Everyone but Lulu and I went on a hike. While they all hiked. Lulu, my camera and I fed the fire and took a walk.

 She got MAD when I started taking photos of flowers without her in the frame. So she got right by the flowers and started posing.

Photo credit: Lulu

Our little walk together was my favorite part of camping. I also enjoyed seeing family and being out in nature. God created a beautiful Earth for us.

It was really cold there over night and Lulu was not keeping her blanket on so I shared my sleeping bag with her and we cuddled all night. So I still need to catch up on sleep a little.

Also, now that we have our own tent, we will need to go camping more (next year when it's a bit warmer.) Maybe Lulu and Caleb will be able to keep their blankets on better.

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