Thursday, July 21, 2016

Dharmahorse Riding Lessons

 I decided to sign the kids up for horseback riding lessons. I wanted something special and fun for Caleb to do that might spark his interest and get him speaking more since he has so much trouble with it. Since Archie hasn't started school yet, we all went and since Caleb was a bit scared he got to go first.
 Watching big brother ride.

Riding Majic! I'm so proud of Archie. His teacher said he was a natural with balance and not pulling the reigns back too hard or too long when stopping the horse. And he wasn't too scared, even though these horses are bigger than the farm and ranch pony rides. :)

 The teacher was very friendly and patient with the kids. I love the photo above; she really loves what she does!

 Looking cool!
Feeding a treat!

Caleb was so excited to go and when he got there he was pretty scared... the horses are big! He wouldn't go near them at first but eventually warmed up enough to touch the saddle and walk next to the horse and he petted them before we left. Lulu was a bit nervous too but petted them eventually. She hung out in her stroller mostly but really loved a chestnut horse. Archie's favorite horse was a 35 yr old brown one with boots on his feet. 

For more info on horse riding lessons in Las Cruces go to the Dharmahorse website.

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