Sunday, July 24, 2016

Lulu Lately

 Baby girl is 16 months now. These first photos are from when she was 15 months... you can see 13 months HERE and 14 HERE.

 When the sunflowers where still tiny!

 She is just a doll!!

 ...and when the chick were tiny too!

 and another set of photos from 15 (and a half) months...

 Our neighbor's have a small, gorgeous flower field and are nice enough to share it.

She found an old pear.

This is a favorite!

 Wild sunflowers.

 She had fun with her dress.

"Okay, mom I'm done!"
 One more please, Lulu?
Not a chance!
I'm going to have a hard time picking which photo to put on the wall from that session...

These are Lulu's first 16 month session.
 A couple of nights ago I got the kids all dressed up and props out so I could do samples for sunflower minis and Caleb immediately got bitten lots of ants. So this is what I got...
Lulu loved Caleb's baseball.

This one is a favorite! Archie is holding various treasures he found around the yard, including rusted screws and bottle caps.

 Also, we finally unpacked the hair clippers so Jacob got his hair cut but I'm leaving the boys until we get a few group shots with the boys and their old hats and suspenders. Lulu might wear a different dress next time. Archie is ready for a hair cut soon!

A little behind the scenes.. Jacob is often found holding a chick outside.

Peering in at the chicks.

 So this happened. I guess she didn't get enough dinner because she raided the chicken feed.

 There's an old pump out back and the boys love to play next to it. That's where most of their treasure is found.

After photos, we found Caleb resting on the couch from his ant bites. Poor guy!