Monday, June 6, 2016

The New Place

A few recent photos from around the new house. We are here and slowly adjusting to life in a new home and often find ourselves outside in the evenings.

 Lulu had a blast feeding the chickens some bread.

 She did have second thoughts about sharing.

 Then the boys got in on the action.

 The sunflower patch is still alive!
This was from a few days ago. I planted in late May and they take about 3 months to bloom so sometime in late August I should have some sunflowers in the field and I hope it's enough to run a nice little mini session week and once they start to die I will feed them to the chickens... oh we are getting 10 baby chicks this week. So there will be lots of little mouths to feed.

The kids are really loving that our irrigation leaks... MUD is everywhere. We are outside every evening. It's gorgeous weather and the mosquitoes aren't bad yet. We even cooked hotdogs and marshmallows on our fire pit last night.

This was from our first Sunday at the new house.

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