Friday, May 6, 2016

Oleanders and a baby blessing

 I wanted to take a few photos of the kids in the yard since the oleander is blooming. Here are a few faves.
I love the tear in his eye. He couldn't find his shoes and he REALLY wanted to do photos with us!

I'm going to miss our huge oleander! The new house is just dirt in the yard, though there is an orchard behind us and room for so much of anything we want. :)

Love them together!

My mom made this skirt for her and it wasn't packed yet. Did I mention that we are closing on our house NEXT week!?!

I recently joined a self portrait mom group on fb. So many of them hand their cameras to their very young kids. So after I took photos of the kids in the yard, I handed my camera to my 3 yr old Caleb and he got this one and I love it! Messy hair and all!

Also, this past weekend we made a day trip to Alb. These little ones are officially cousins!

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