Sunday, May 8, 2016

Lulu Is One

So this is really late. I took the photos on time but it's been hard to sit and edit them and write about it. My baby is one. Which is a wondrous miracle but the end of something so sweet and dear. She is officially my one toothed toddler and growing more independent daily. She is so loving, always blowing kisses. She speaks about as much as Caleb, at least it seems that way sometimes. Some of her words are: Mama, Papa, all done (which really just means she's out of food and probably wants more), pretty, bow, dress (she loves to dress up), bath (super favorite thing to do), milk, more, baby, Archie, Oma, banana, ball, book, bye, hi, hungry, chicken, that and uh-oh.

Her favorite toys are cars/trucks and balls. Since we have plenty of those types of toys, this tea set, along with a Fancy Nancy tea party book were some of her presents. She got some new clothes and floral sheets for a big bed someday. She also got to pick out a new doll, which she adores.

She loves to wrestle, steal her brothers toys, cuddle and eat. Her favorite foods are any kind of meat and bananas.

She LOVES this Lion. Always sleeps with it and sometimes we let her carry it around the house.

She loves getting her nails done.

Lulu was so tired before her tea party, she napped right after and the boys were so happy to finish her homemade mini macaroons.

Caleb picked out these beads at the dentist and wears them all the time

 The bunny.
 She woke up a bit happier but the next day we found out she had an ear infection. That being considered she did great but hardly ate her cake, which was surprising since she loves food.

 I made her this raspberry cake since she usually loves raspberries but hardly ate them, poor sick girl.

 I love all of her faces! And I'm so tempted to do this again when she's feeling better. I think she'll love it!

"Mama, don't you know I don't want cake right now!" Sorry baby, I didn't know you were so sick!

 Papa came home from work at the end of the smash cake and helped her out. :)
She was 30 inches and 23lbs 7oz at her one year check up. I think both boys had her beat when they were 6 months. Lulu is around the 90th percentile so she isn't really tiny but my boys were huge!

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