Wednesday, March 9, 2016

We're buying a new house! I hope!

 We had our first inspection today on the house we have under contract. The original home was built in 1899 and has been added on to a couple of times. So it has indoor plumbing (3 bathrooms and even a claw-foot tub!) but some electrical needs to be brought up to code. It's full of character and charm and little quirks. There are some concerns that specialists are looking into soon but seems to be in good shape. I'm more hopeful that there won't be a deal breaker! I really enjoyed seeing the house again today.
 There are suppose to be hardwood floors under these carpets. Some carpets might be removed before we move in.

There's a couple of acres in the back yard with 2 mature pecan trees. The boys LOVE collecting nuts. And yes that's an orchard behind our house.

There's also a little neighborhood next to our house.

There's mosaic tile on the window sills and some walls. The original structure is 18 inch thick adobe.

Did I mention the built ins? The dining room is so pretty!

Caleb was pretty excited his new room is so big!

living room. please excuse the snot. she's been a little sick.

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