Sunday, March 27, 2016

Easter Sunday

Easter morning was filled with fresh eggs from our chickens and the boys got chocolate bunnies. Lulu got new shoes since the Easter bunny knew she can't eat a whole bunny. Here are the kids right after church. Lulu is wearing my old dress. How fun that my mom saved so much of my baby stuff! Caleb picked out these necklaces at the dentist earlier this week and has only taken them off to sleep and bathe.

 Had to get some pics of her whole outfit... shoes and bloomers. Her poor skin! She's got little rashes from her one year shots. They had a brand new nurse in training do the shots and it was bad- it was slow and painful and she got scratched from the needle. And she has an ear infection. She's been understandably grumpy. But still so adorable!

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