Sunday, March 27, 2016


We got chickens over spring break, which was over a week ago but somehow I never posted these photos. Some are from their first evening here and others are a tad more recent. We have really enjoyed having them. We’ve never had any pets, not even a goldfish and these chickens are used to being around kids so it’s been really fun! They are super social and love to get attention and treats. Broccoli is their favorite and whenever they bock, we can almost hear them saying “broccoli”. The fresh eggs are so good! We are big egg eaters so we hope to add a few more chickens after the move, whenever that happens. Lots of paperwork, licenses, inspections, forms… I’m still hoping the move will happen late April but the closing date is in the air as of now.

 Lulu just has too much fun when we let her out there. She eats a lot of dirt so mostly we let her watch from the back door.

The boys like the chicken run a little too much.


Jess and kids came to visit the same day we moved the birds.

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