Sunday, March 27, 2016


We got chickens over spring break, which was over a week ago but somehow I never posted these photos. Some are from their first evening here and others are a tad more recent. We have really enjoyed having them. We’ve never had any pets, not even a goldfish and these chickens are used to being around kids so it’s been really fun! They are super social and love to get attention and treats. Broccoli is their favorite and whenever they bock, we can almost hear them saying “broccoli”. The fresh eggs are so good! We are big egg eaters so we hope to add a few more chickens after the move, whenever that happens. Lots of paperwork, licenses, inspections, forms… I’m still hoping the move will happen late April but the closing date is in the air as of now.

 Lulu just has too much fun when we let her out there. She eats a lot of dirt so mostly we let her watch from the back door.

The boys like the chicken run a little too much.


Jess and kids came to visit the same day we moved the birds.

Easter Sunday

Easter morning was filled with fresh eggs from our chickens and the boys got chocolate bunnies. Lulu got new shoes since the Easter bunny knew she can't eat a whole bunny. Here are the kids right after church. Lulu is wearing my old dress. How fun that my mom saved so much of my baby stuff! Caleb picked out these necklaces at the dentist earlier this week and has only taken them off to sleep and bathe.

 Had to get some pics of her whole outfit... shoes and bloomers. Her poor skin! She's got little rashes from her one year shots. They had a brand new nurse in training do the shots and it was bad- it was slow and painful and she got scratched from the needle. And she has an ear infection. She's been understandably grumpy. But still so adorable!

Thursday, March 10, 2016


Some of our favorite friends are moving and they are leaving us their chickens. We went to measure the coop last night and our boys had such a great time playing. It was hard to leave. I will so miss our friends but I'm pretty excited for chickens!!

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

We're buying a new house! I hope!

 We had our first inspection today on the house we have under contract. The original home was built in 1899 and has been added on to a couple of times. So it has indoor plumbing (3 bathrooms and even a claw-foot tub!) but some electrical needs to be brought up to code. It's full of character and charm and little quirks. There are some concerns that specialists are looking into soon but seems to be in good shape. I'm more hopeful that there won't be a deal breaker! I really enjoyed seeing the house again today.
 There are suppose to be hardwood floors under these carpets. Some carpets might be removed before we move in.

There's a couple of acres in the back yard with 2 mature pecan trees. The boys LOVE collecting nuts. And yes that's an orchard behind our house.

There's also a little neighborhood next to our house.

There's mosaic tile on the window sills and some walls. The original structure is 18 inch thick adobe.

Did I mention the built ins? The dining room is so pretty!

Caleb was pretty excited his new room is so big!

living room. please excuse the snot. she's been a little sick.