Sunday, February 21, 2016

Tokyo Ueno Park

So I took this crazy trip to Tokyo, Japan this past week. It was crazy because I traveled about as far away from New Mexico as Earthly possible and because I spent as much time traveling as I did there. Jacob went again (he went last year when I was supper pregnant) and this year I went for a few days of his stay and got to play tourist while he worked. It was hard to leave the kids and we decide that leaving them the whole time Jacob was there would be too hard on every one so I did everything in just 4 days. I left NM first thing Wednesday morning and got home late Saturday. It takes about 24 hours to get to the hotel in Tokyo from NM so I had 2 days in Japan. This is the first part of the photos from my trip and hopefully I will get around to posting everything!

 When I first got there I spent an evening with Jacob. We went out to dinner and went shopping. I didn't lug my camera that night I was so tired from the flight but had to stay up so jet lag wouldn't be too bad. I may post some cell phone shots of the first evening later.

These photos are all from Ueno Park. I traveled via metro most of my trip and this park was convenient so I though I'd check it out.

This was the first temple I saw while I was there.

I was SO excited to see blossoms! I thought I was too early for any so it was such an awesome surprise since I wasn't expecting it at all.

 If I have any regrets from my trip it would be that I wish I was braver and had asked natives if I could have taken their photos, I really missed portrait photography while I was there but don't get me wrong, I loved my trip!!

 I love how green it was!

 Me in Japan!!!

There is a parking garage under the park

These were everywhere. Reminded me of pine cones and I would have brought one home for the boys if I thought it would make it and wasn't an issue with customs.

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