Sunday, February 21, 2016

Lulu 10 Months

11 months is just around the corner so I HAVE to blog this now. :) Here are some of my favorite photos of Lulu's 10 months. I've been wanting to take some photos with Lulu and my legs on pointe since before I ever knew if I would have a girl. So I did these right around her 10 month bday since she always pulls herself up on my legs when I cook in the kitchen and wasn't quite walking yet (but she is taking steps now!) Taking these photos was supper hard. I don't set up the tripod and do the whole remote thing often so that was a bit difficult, especially with the framing as you can see... I got a good one and some cute outtakes so I'm happy but it definitely was a challenge.
Here is one of the 1st ones. It was hard to get her to stay next to me and not take off crawling to the camera.

It is SO much easier to take the photo with the camera in my hands...

this one is my FAVORITE

 She doesn't smile meekly.

I love when Caleb wants to be in some of them!
 We also did some valentines photos this month and here are some of those...

It even looks like she's blowing a kiss.

 These two are the sweetest!!

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