Monday, February 22, 2016

2nd Night In Tokyo

After the gardens, I followed foot traffic until I found a metro entrance and then decided to go to Shibuya to shop since I still had a few hours until Jacob was off work and I really wanted to go back to H&M, since I saw it my first night but doubted Jacob wanted to go in, although, to his credit he did go into several clothing shops when we last visited Europe together. 

I'm pretty happy that I (a small town Las Cruces girl) was able to handle the metro. I mean there are so many layers to Tokyo and lots are underground transportation and Tokyo is way bigger that Düsseldorf (the biggest city I've lived in) and more than 3x bigger than Paris (the biggest city I've visited) so naturally their metro was insane!

Anyway, I was able to shop! By myself! In Tokyo! And find our hotel in time to be back when Jacob got back. So our metro stop near the hotel had 13 exits and I remembered which one, thank goodness!

 Now for more photos. My 2nd night in Tokyo, we left our room just as the sun was setting and didn't venture too far but I had so much fun!

 View from our room just before we left. This was my first time staying in a 5 star hotel (thanks to Jacob's job). I didn't take photos of the hotel but if you really want to see it here's the website.

 My somewhat unwilling subject.


 I had fun with the remote, it was awesome to have Jacob in the photos too.

the remote only worked so far away to I had to do some sprinting.

A view from our room at night.

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