Sunday, February 28, 2016

Lulu 11 Months

She's almost a year!!!! I took her 11 month photos a few days before she cut her first tooth... it wasn't easy and I only got a few photos that I like but she sure smiled for them! She is starting to get more hair. She is the sweetest cuddle bug and a champion eater. She LOVES to dress up and play with her brothers. She takes up to 7 steps but still mostly crawls. Her favorite word is "Mama".

tooth photo from today!!!!

White Sands

We went to White Sands yesterday. The boys had so much fun. Archie even said he wants his birthday photos taken there. I can't wait to go back!

We went so I could take my sister's engagement photos and I snapped a few pics of the kids on our way out.

Caleb picked out these pants. I'm pretty sure they are pj's but he wears them when he wants to. He is 3.

some proof that Lulu went!

Monday, February 22, 2016


We flew home a little later in the day on Saturday so we had time to explore a bit that morning. We decided on visiting the Senso-jo temple in Asakusa, Tokyo.

These are the last of my photos from the trip.

This was at the metro stop near our hotel. Had to get a photo of the ballerina.

 The skytree.

 There were tons of people and shops on the way to the Temple...

 I saw this ice cream burger shop when we were on our way out and in a bit of a hurry, other wise I might have tried it.
My flight was delayed a bit coming home, so I didn't get to see the kids until Sunday morning but I left Japan Saturday night and got back to NM Saturday night thanks to the time difference.

It was a fun trip. I'm so grateful that I got to go! I feel like I learned a lot about Japan and Tokyo, while planning and experiencing it too. This was my first time away from the kids for more than a few hours. It was kind of awesome to be on a 3 day date with Jacob but I don't know if I can stand to leave the kids again for so long and for such a short trip... Jacob will probably go again at least one more year for work so I'll have to decide again closer to his trip if it's worth repeating.