Thursday, October 1, 2015

Caleb Is Three

Caleb is 3!!!!
He's been asking for a smash cake cake for about the last 6 months. So we baked a cake together during one of Lulu's naps... and then took these photos later in the day.

in our front yard

And yes that's a pink cake. Pink is his favorite color. Especially pink donuts. And his favorite sibling is often clad in pink so it's the obvious choice.

Everyone came to watch Caleb smash his cake!

He kept looking at them...

He eventually got into it.

He was so happy to share it with Archie.

And that's about as smashed as it got. Which was fine by me. I had a piece and it was pretty tasty. :)
I know, that's like a million photos. But they are just a few of my favorites and honestly, what else am I going to do with them? :) So we took these last week and then had a small party/playgroup on his real birthday and then celebrated later at Chuck E Cheese with just the family. He is still enjoying all of his gifts! And so am I they are really keeping him entertained. :)

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