Sunday, September 13, 2015

Lulu 5 Months

Happy 5 months to my baby girl! She has doubled her birth weight, is sitting like a champ, sleeping through the night more often but not consistently and loves to happily scream at her brothers.

Well she is almost 6 months now! But I've taken lots of photos during her month 5 and still have more planned before 6 months. Now that she is sitting so well, I want to take her photo ALL the time. So here is an overload of frilly photos. 

Taken on her 5 month birthday at grandma's house. She has the best props and orchard.

Lulu is right^. Left is a baby I did newborn photos for when Lulu was still in the womb. It was fun to see them together at 5 months and almost 7months. Also, Lulu has excellent thighs.

These photos were taken just days after her 5 month mark.

And these ones were the next week. Jacob's aunt sent the quilt in the background and my mom made the romper and bonnet.

So here she is on the her bed! Newborn and 5 months old. She has grown a ton!! I'll be using this bed for her 6 month photos... this was just a test and it was a challenge to get the photo since she just kept wanting to eat the bed post. Newborn photo credit Lezley Alba of Lezley Alba Photography

 And here comes the overload, these were all taken Friday. I got a couple of new backdrops and I'm excited to use them more!
 Archie wanted in on a few and usually hates photos these days so I was pretty happy.

"Mama, I look like a boy with out my a bow in my hair!"