Sunday, August 9, 2015

Caballo Lake

For the longest time, Archie has been begging to go to the beach and even Caleb will chime in with, "beach! beach!! BEACH!!!". So with 3 littles we decided that Lake Caballo would be about as far as we're willing to venture. The boys had a blast with the mud, rocks and shells they found. Lulu tolerated things. And I got to test my new lens!

I opened my new lens, read the instructions and tested it in the car on the way up.

 My new lens is manual focus and that is a huge challenge with moving subjects and needing new glasses. :) I still had fun.

I brought my 50mm out too, I didn't want all the details of out trip lost in the blur of the Lensbaby.

After we played in the mud for a bit (I put my camera away) and then took a little walk away from the water. We were blessed with cool morning clouds. We then relocated and had a picnic of fried chicken, carrots and watermelon over looking the water.

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