Sunday, June 28, 2015

Lulu 3 Months

3 months!! What a celebration!!! I'm glad that your brothers haven't literally smothered you with love. :)

You are such a chatty thing. You scream when you eat. You are rolling like a champ now, not just when you are angry. You nap in your swing everyday and still sleep in your bassinet in our room (often for 8 hours straight). You smile a ton. You drool even more. We love you so!


do you see the little curl? it's made up of about 4 hairs atop her head.

I ordered a 16x20 canvas of this^^ can't wait to see it!

eek those toes sticking out!
about 5 minutes into the photos i let the boys lose

Lulu in the camera onsie

Yep, I took these a few weeks ago when Lulu was about 2.5 months and I happen to be going through the boys baby stuff and I saw the camera onsie I bought for Caleb when he was in the womb. That boy grew so fast, I never even got a chance to have him wear it once. It's a bit snug on her but I wasn't going to let it go to waste again to I put her in it and thought she never looked more like a boy so I added the skirt and headband. Adorable.

"Mama, when I get bigger, I want to take the camera and taste it."

Lulu and her lion.

Tell me she isn't the cutest thing.

Lulu 2 Months

I've been a terrible blogger BUT I haven't failed at taking pictures or having them taken (thanks photographer friends). Here are some from Lulu's second month.

^^ This was just after she turned 2 months^^

She really is such a good baby! We put her in her bassinet awake and she falls asleep! We are so lucky. At her check up she was almost 14 lbs and in the 95th percentile for both length and weight. The doctor and nurse kept saying that she is perfect and we could agree more!

 and these photos with me in them were taken by my friend Sam at Montano Photography
 I really loved being in these and getting kiss and hold her and let her personality show more than I can from when I am behind the camera.

 At 2 months of course she needed a snack! She loves her bottle and so do I because I get help with her feedings. Nursing is hard for us but I can pump easily so this works well for us.

^ This one was taken at 8 weeks, I think... I bough this onsie the day I found out that I was having a girl. 

 These beauties were taken by the lovely Kaitlan at Kaitlan Rose Photography

The photos below were taken by yet another talented photographer friend, Lindsay of Lindsay Davenport Photogrpahy
 Jacob HATES being in photos so I asked him for pictures for my birthday present and he was such a good sport for them.

 I love her smiles! This is her blessing dress that my mom made her. She was blessed on June 6th.

Okay so this was her second month, apparently we did nothing but take professional photos! 3 session in one month will probably never happen again. :)