Sunday, December 27, 2015

Snow In Las Cruces

It snowed the day(s) after Christmas!
Papa and Archie built a New Mexican snow man.
This was taken around 9:30pm on the 26th... It was so bright out it almost looked day. Note the Christmas lights.

 Fun in the yard...

 Jacob measured the snow to be 5 inches in the front yard.
 Caleb lasted about 3 minutes out there before he cried about the cold.

Lulu got to watch the excitement from the window.

Christmas Morning

I took a few photos of the kids on Christmas morning but mostly just took the day off from everything since I worked so hard to prep for it, especially on Christmas Eve. My whole family eventually made it over, next year I’ll get photos of them. 
 Lulu slept in a bit...

 Caleb picked out this treasure box at Hobby Lobby for Christmas and had the hardest time when I told him that Santa was going to keep it and put it under the tree if he was good. He spotted it, even though it was wrapped and opened it first.

 She really wasn't interested in her presents.

 Archie asked for this several times after seeing it once int he store. I loved spoiling them!

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Lulu 9 Months

Happy 9 Months!!!
You weighed in just shy of 22 lbs this month! You are 95th percentile for length and weight. You are really cruising now and starting to scoot things along with you while standing (you are gonna love your Christmas present). You are the cutest babbler. You are signing more often (and usually talking with the signs)! All done, milk and more are the ones we do the most, we really should teach you more signs, you are picking them up fast! :) I am happy to report that you are reaching your milestones! The receptionist gave us the 24 month questionnaire and I was starting to get worried until she came and gave me the 9 month one.

 She is crawling so much so fast I had to try different things to get her to stay on my backdrop. I kind of miss the days of just sitting.

Her smile is my favorite!

 Starting her with treats during photos young! I had to motivate her to stay standing and not crawl over to me.
She is by far the best gift I have received this year!! I am so grateful for my happy, healthy baby girl! Happy NINE months to her! We are all so excited for her first Christmas!

Pre Christmas Activities!

So Last year we went to the train museum to see Santa. We waited in line for over an hour in the cold and got like 2 seconds with him. So when I heard my favorite fro yo spot had a Santa and fro yo deal. I was all in! Best Santa experience ever! The Santa was awesome, the yogurt delicious! It’s going to be a tradition! 

She loves beards! Also she didn't cry at all.

 The Christmas tree!

 Some fun shots after Lulu's Nine month photos!

This was all Caleb's idea!

Also, we went on a Santa run!

 And some Christmas photos I took in someone's fabulous pine tree yard.