Sunday, June 15, 2014

Caleb 20 Months

What a stubborn little sweetheart this boy is.
He is making noticeable progress with his speech and willingly volunteering information like saying "ear" as he points to his own, mine and his stuffed dog's. He is making more animal sounds. He even said something that sounded a lot like Archie's favorite phrase, "I want my Mommy!" I'm not entirely sure I can count it but it does make for a great first sentence.
His temper tantrums are abundant these days. He has the most adorable meltdowns that we try to ignore but sometimes laugh at.
He eats enough fruit to cause us concern for him developing diabetes. He isn't the best veggie eater (stubborn) but he does love his food. I called him a fatty when I introduced our family when gave a talk in sacrament meeting today. Let me explain (if the pictures aren't evidence enough). This morning, when Caleb was eating his second breakfast around 8am he finished his yogurt and then grabbed the pan of bacon grease that was still on the table from first breakfast and he was eating the bacon grease by the fistful when I came back into the room to get him ready for church.

We really love him though. He is the best cuddle buddy and he can do the sweetest things, like randomly kiss me or share his beloved food. 

We met a German lady on our mini vacation earlier this month (so not doing well keeping up with the blog). She was kind enough to talk to us (it was just Caleb and me at the time) for a while.... I explained that I am teaching my boys German and also that Caleb has a speech delay and doesn't say much in English but that I still try to speak to him as much as possible in German and then I decided to demonstrate and I asked Caleb to kiss me in German and he did and the lady FLIPPED OUT she was so excited that he understood those 2 words in German. Caleb just thought she liked that he was kissing me so he kept kissing me trying to get a reaction. It made my week.

I have been thinking about doing mini sessions again. Maybe with this set up but I'm not sure...

Check out his chin. Total fatty. :)

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