Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Caleb 19 Months

Okay so I've really been slacking on this blog lately... I have some adorable photos of the boys and I just need to post them. At least I'm keeping up with the monthly update. Just 5 more months till this boy is two!
Things don't seem to change as fast during the 2nd year as they do the first. He has been doing his speech lessons for at least a month now and we are getting some really great ideas about how to work with him. We recently put up a mirror that he can easily access so that he can watch himself and become more aware of how he moves his mouth. So far that has gotten a lot of giggles from both boys and so much smudging I'm unsure anything can be seen in it now. He has been saying a lot more sounds and mimicking more words but he still has a ways to go to catch up. The speech therapists that come in are always saying how advanced he is with things like stacking blocks, following directions, nesting cups, matching colors, not needing a demonstration of how to use a new toy. They are not at all worried about his intelligence. He has been sick (just cold symptoms and an ear infection) more often then not this winter and with all that congestion it has to be harder to hear everyone and yourself make sounds. Yay for warmer weather and hopefully this wind doesn't show up to often!

Caleb is so smart and stubborn and squishy and loveable.

He loves to stick out his tongue and he is still licking things but it has settled down a bit.

He was wanting to roll over and play the whole time I took his photos. Such a goofball.
This last one was from a few days ago when I took photos of another baby at home. Caleb loves to help out! He was completely fascinated by the baby and wanted to play with him for the longest time.

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Caleb 18 Months

Here are some early Easter photos of my sweet boy. He's been sick on and off for at least the last month. He was teething during these photos too so this was one of the first times that he wasn't really smiley for me. Poor guy. He's on all sorts of allergy meds and he's using a nebulizer to help him breathe better. It's a good thing he likes to cuddle. 
He started his speech therapy last week. Mostly just getting to know our therapist but I am so excited for this little guy to start talking more. He is so smart and he is trying to communicate with signs and pointing/grunting. He's advanced in all of his gross/fine motor skills. My favorite thing about him lately is how good he is at walking everywhere with us. He is walking faster and holding our hands and staying with me (most of the time) so I feel more comfortable going places without the stroller.
Isn't his serious face so adorable?

 We got quite a few with Archie too.

This is my favorite one.