Monday, March 17, 2014

Caleb 17 Months

So this post is a bit late, but that's life.
Caleb is 17 months!! 

If you were wondering, I was hired to take monthly updates of a baby who is 8 months old now. His mom had a 12 month frame and after a few months of trying on her own, wanted to make sure she got at least one good photo each month. It has been so fun to take pictures of this little guy and his mom has been coming up with really fun themes/props which she mostly leaves at my house for me and my kids to use (AWESOME) and Caleb's 2nd year has gotten a little prop-y since. I am really loving the St. Patrick's day stuff she brought over and left. I may even do St Patrick's Day Minis next year. Maybe. 

Anyways.... Caleb! He is such a sweet boy and brings us so much joy. He loves playing with his brother and eating. Since he hasn't been saying too much and when he does he says it not very clearly, we decided to have his speech tested to see if he needed help. They came and tested everything and he tested highest in his fine motor skills and well in gross motor but was at 10-11 month old for speech. So he qualified for the program. I am excited to learn what I can do to help the little guy out. He is trying to communicate but it's still so hard for him. I think he was trying to say "brother" the other day and he makes the "ba" sound when ever we read books. It will be great to communicate with him and know what he wants.

Oh and Happy St. Patrick's Day! This morning Caleb went straight to playing with the T-ball set rather than asking for milk or food.  :) 

I love this bow-tie!

Caleb grabbed this and went back for more photos.


Pointing out our incredible picture window (it's BIG and goes all the way to the floor). I might have to add picture window to the list of must have's for the new house.
Missing his hats.
reading with Papa later that day
blossoms on our pear tree

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  1. I just saw Caleb last weekend, but his face looks so much less chubby than I remember. Also, these photos remind me of my attempts to take pictures of Liam in his new swim trunks. Instead of staying still, he kept running around to try and look at the screen of my phone. Before long he was running in circles, while I was spinning, trying just to get a full body picture of him. I did get some pictures, but they are a little blurry.