Sunday, February 16, 2014

Sharing A Room, Sunday Photos and Valentine's Breakfast

 We decided to have the boys sleep in the same room and convert the nursery (Caleb's old room) into a playroom. So when we put the boys down for their first nap in their shared room, they spent hours yelling, giggling and singing but not a minute sleeping. So Caleb napped during dinner instead. He was nodding off and I was still able to feed him, I wish I had got a video it was adorable.
Today we actually got them to nap together but they were pretty sleep deprived. Hopefully they adjust soon because that was a lot of moving furniture and I need their nap time.

This morning before church. 

While I cooked the boys Valentine's pancakes with strawberries and cream they busied themselves making me a breakfast in their kitchen.

 They were pretty happy to see them.

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