Monday, November 3, 2014

It's A Girl!!!!

 So I have been a terrible blogger lately! I blame the morning sickness. It's been the worst (had to get an IV, lost almost 20lbs, spent at least 2 months deteriorating on the couch puking more than I could eat).  But I have been taking photos so maybe I'll catch up. Someday. :)

Anyway, we are so excited we are expecting a baby girl in April!

 These 3 photos ^ were all Caleb, I didn't ask him to put his arm around his brother or kiss him. I guess if you ask them to do the same things in front of your camera enough they just do it! 

 The boys had such a fun time with the balloons!
 And probably more fun with the pink strawberry milk.

Although I did catch a ton of photos of the tops of their heads.

Archie started blowing bubbles in his milk at the end and Caleb though it was so hilarious! 

The ultra sound went pretty well this morning. The baby looks healthy! I still have placenta previa but the doctor is very optimistic about it correcting itself soon. We will get another 3d ultrasound in 6 weeks. The tech was very certain we are having a girl. I think it's still sinking in and every time I think about all the tiny dresses I will have/get to buy I get a little teary eyed, darn hormones! Archie has always said during this pregnancy that he wants a baby sister and I think he was pretty convinced he would get what he wanted. He just had this attitude that that's how it would be.

Thursday, September 4, 2014

23 Months Caleb

Less than a month until he's 2!! Time is flying but Caleb is as cute as ever. He is such a sweetheart and a great cuddle buddy. Caleb we love you so!!!

He has the best laugh!

 They really are best friends. They play and fight so well and show so much love for each other. It's such a blessing to see them together.


Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Caleb 22 Months

Eeek! Less than 2 months till he is 2!!! 

We've had some fun adventures lately and I might even get round to posting about the boys first camping trip and meeting cousins... someday. 

Happy 22 months Caleb!!

 These are posted in order that I took them. Can you tell I bribed him with a minty tic tac to come outside for photos? He kept taking it out of his mouth and there's the drool...

So glad I got a little smile out of him.

We love you Caleb!

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Breakfast Picnic

We went on a breakfast picnic yesterday morning. The boys loved their blueberry muffins and eating alfresco.


Saturday, July 5, 2014

Caleb 21 Months

Caleb is even closer to being two!! 

He is such a sweetheart, constantly making the cutest faces and wanting to cuddle and not afraid to give out hugs. He ate about a 3rd of a watermelon last night after eating a good sized dinner. His diaper was more than full this morning. He is really enjoying his books and there are some favorites that will get him talking every time like Doggies by Sandra Boynton, The Little Mouse, the Red Ripe Strawberry, and the Big Hungry Bear by Don Wood and Big Red Barn by Margret Wise Brown. 

I really loved taking the photos this month. We slept in until 6:45 the morning of but managed to get dressed and out the door with camera and props in hand and set up before 7am at our neighbors backyard. The early morning sunlight coming up over the fence was perfect... so glad we slept in! The best part was the boys were all smiles! They are generally happy first thing in the morning but I was a little nervous about them not eating first thing (like the usually do) but they loved getting a chance to read and Caleb had a bag of Cheerios in his hand the whole time. The session didn't last more than 15 minutes but it was seriously a blast watching them giggle together and look through their books.