Thursday, October 31, 2013


It's been Halloween all week long. We've been to the library to parade around in the costumes and to two church trunk or treats. Tonight, Archie was quite the trooper about wearing his heavy costume around the neighborhood to get candy. We even went around a whole block this year. So here are a few photos from various activities:

Archie insisted that he had to be a red tractor for Halloween. Thanks to the Farm and Ranch Museum. They have a little ride on red tractor and wagon there... hence Caleb's red wagon costume, also Archie's idea.

Caleb 13 Months

He is 13 months now and the time just seems to be flying! He has been picking up so many new words since his birthday a month ago. He now has a whole mouth full of molars. He is such a wonderful little guy and is often so happy to just sit in chair.
Since I didn't get around to it last month:
He is still one for another 11 months so it works. 
 He was so cute holding his letters!

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Park Last Week

I took the boys to a different park last week (when their hair was still long). Here are some photos:

 They both had fun with the ball!


So we went to a park today and the boys had fun climbing and sliding and then I tried to get a couple of pictures since there was a pretty orange berry bush cluster. Archie wasn't too into holding still and Caleb wasn't fond of sitting in the grass but here are a few of my favorites anyway. 
Oh and I just cut their hair yesterday. This was Caleb's 2nd and Archie's 3rd hair cuts. Caleb got pretty scared but it was getting too easy to mistake him for a girl so we had to cut it.

Love that face!

I think I need to get him a bigger shirt...

He loved the climbing!

He's got a double swirl.

Caleb watches and learns so much from Archie.


I love my sweet boys!

Monday, October 7, 2013

Caleb's First Birthday!

Walking boy!
 Caleb is such a big boy now! He is walking across the room but he still crawls a lot. It was so fun to give him strawberries and pineapple on his birthday. He HATED his cake but Jacob got a few smiles out of him by playing peekaboo behind me.

He is a climber. He will climb onto the couch, his brother's bed, up steps at the park. He can climb onto and off of his rocking horse and rocking chair. He loves to rock and be rocked. He still gets rocked before nap and bed time but not always to sleep.

He is teething right now. He has 4 total, two bottom center, one top center and one top side.

If he had his way he would only eat blueberries and drink tons of milk.

He loves his brother. He loves to wrestle. He loves to be sung to and he has the cutest dance moves; there is the Caleb bop and the Caleb shuffle (and all the ballet stuff he just randomly does). He loves spoons; in fact, he loves any utensil we are willing to give him. He does pretty good spoon feeding himself for a one year old. He also colors/scribbles well. He loves to play roll the ball.

"Mama" is still his favorite word and slight variations can mean "milk" or "more". He tries to say "slide" but it comes out more like "sli..." Sometimes he will crawl around shushing us but sounding a bit like a snake. He loves to point and shout at things but most of the time we still have no idea what he is saying. (And I'm really okay with that because Archie is very understandable these days and I figure that he spends at least 4 hours a day talking about tractors.)

Gifts that he received this year include: 2 baby silverware sets (he takes them in the bath, crawls with them all over the house and sometimes sleeps with a spoon); popping toy (perfect for the new walker); a hammer that makes noise; a plastic menagerie from uncle Adam; a German Hippo game from aunt Donica; a couple of new balls; books and a couple of new toy trains.

Rocking boy!
He had so much fun tearing off little tiny pieces of paper from his gifts.

First taste of birthday cake.

"A whole cake just for me!?!?"
"I will get that blueberry."

Playing peek-a-boo with Papa.

And a bunch more photos because I couldn't resist:

This face is a more accurate representation of his feelings about the cake.

"This frosting tastes funny and it's sticky. I think I'll just wipe it on the backdrop. What? I'm adorable."

The stats! He is normal! Well he is down to the 96th percentile for both weight and length!

At birth he was 8 lbs 15 oz, 19 inches.
At two months he was 15 lbs 9 oz, 24.25 inches.
At four months he was 19 lbs 15oz, 27.5 inches.
At six months he was 23lbs 1 oz, 28 inches.
*He was up to 25lbs at 8 months just before he started crawling.*
At nine months he was 24 lbs, 30.5 inches.
At his one year check up he was 26lbs 1oz, 32 inches.