Thursday, August 29, 2013

Caleb 11 Months

He is so grown up I can't believe it! He took his first steps all by himself!!! He is a climber now too- up on the couch and brother's bed. He started pointing at everything recently. He has 3 teeth now. He will say things like, "all done", "milk", and "more" but I think I'm the only one who understands him. He is, however, excellent at saying, "Mama".

Just before we go to bed at night, Jacob and I will creep into his room and watch him sleep for a minute. We love seeing what crazy position he is in at the moment and he always looks so adorable when he is asleep. Sometimes it takes all that I have not to squish him and pinch his fat legs. 
He loves getting his thighs squeezed. He thinks it's a perfectly normal greeting to pinch someones cheek (he does it to me and I've seen him do it to other babies/toddlers)... not at all surprising since friends and strangers find his cheeks irresistible.

Archie "helped" the whole time. It was a challenge to get Caleb to look at me with Archie and his camera around.

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