Wednesday, July 24, 2013

My Favorite Things

So my boys are adorably cute whenever they are not whining. Here are just a few specific things that I find so awesome about each of them that it makes their cuteness factor go up just a little bit.

This boy has gotten into the sweetest habit of picking me flowers. We have this weed in our front yard that has grown into a small bush that blossoms. The flowers are tiny, too small for a vase or glass, but it is the best feeling when such a cute little boy hands me a flower.

He is so smart with his colors. When we read together, I try to ask him questions and I am not always too creative so I will ask something like, "What do you see?" He will respond by pointing to different things and naming them and their colors, like this, "blue car... red dog... It's a duck. It's yellow." We love to paint together and the other day he painted a green fish using blue and yellow. He probably didn't plan on it but he noticed and said, "I made green!"

We usually still help him pray a lot, but the other day he went ahead and said a whole prayer without any help. He even said that he was thankful for Caleb.

He loves a good head bonk. It is such a sweet sign of affection for him. He loves to give and receive them as long as they are fairly gentle (Archie can be a little rough). He will give me one when I ask him for one. He often laughs after like it's THE funniest game ever.

He is such a round, rolly, off-the-charts big, fat baby. It is widely assumed by anyone who looks at his cheeks that he loves to eat. So not true. His favorite baby sign is "all done" which he often uses about 3 bites into a meal. 

He follows us everywhere. This is fantastic, except when we are going to the bathroom, which is a lot since Archie is potty training. It really is convenient that I don't have to carry him from room to room because I know that he will follow us and not get into loads of trouble. He really does love to be around us and play near/with us. 

I love these boys to pieces! They are growing and changing and learning so fast. I am so blessed to be their mother. They really are two of my favorite things.

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