Monday, July 8, 2013

Caleb 9 Months

Baby Caleb is 9 months now!

When he weighed in at his check up this month he actually weighed LESS than he did last time he was at the doctor's. He was sick (again) and he may have lost weigh from that but it could also be that he is CRAWLING now. He's been at it for about a month now since this post is a bit late.

He got his first tooth and it seems like his next one is starting to poke through. His separation/stranger anxiety is in full force. He loves a gentle head bonk.

One afternoon when Archie was napping and Caleb wasn't, Caleb crawled all over the house and wound up pawing at his brother's bedroom door. He really loves his brother. They have more and more fun playing together although it is still hard to share.
He pointed to a book I had just read him and then said "book". He mimics sounds and babbles nicely. He has started to pull himself to standing. He will sometimes walk while holding our fingers. He is learning new things so fast!

 Love this boy!

Here he is demonstrating the itsy bitsy spider. He still loves to do the motions with us.

Exploring the alfalfa.
Sitting in the wheelbarrow. 
So this is about how happy he was most of the photo shoot. He was tired...
He looks so angelic when he is sleeping.
 A few more smiles.
9 month stats:
Weight: 24lbs- 96.73 percentile
Length: 30.5 inches- 99.13 percentile

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