Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Caleb 10 Months

Time is flying! It's hard to believe that Caleb is already 10 months old.

He loves to pull himself up on everything and cruise around. He'll stand up unsupported for a bit. He is teething (2 teeth now) and will bite our knees when we sit.

Caleb's current favorite foods: sliced fresh pears and Cheerios, he can't get enough of these. Oh and he'll eat anything if I mix in a little applesauce. He still isn't a big eater over all.

He follows us everywhere. I am Mary and he is my little lamb. We keep a toddler gate in the hallway so that Archie can have some potty training privacy. But it is pretty adorable when he follows me to his room and practically climbs up on my lap so that I can rock him before bed.

He is such a sweet little thing. He will always act like he wants to be held and then squirm and wiggle like crazy once we are holding him. When he is tired he will come and rest his head on one of us. He is always happy to play with us he loves to knock over block towers and read books (although it's difficult to read him books because he is so grabby).

 Check out how long his hair is getting!

I love how his profile is obscured because his cheeks are so fat!

He still has some gorgeous, big, deep blue-gray eyes.

Standing boy.
He really could be good at ballet.

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