Sunday, May 19, 2013

Happy Sunday!

It was so nice to have Jacob at church the whole time today. He is on a crazy schedule at work and he missed a couple of Sundays. Thankfully this only happens a few times a year. I really like sitting with this hunk and he is great with keeping the boys entertained church. Anyway, these pics were all taken after church- that's right Caleb made it through 3 hours with only one outfit this time around, barely. 

After I showed Archie Caleb's bow tie for church I asked him if he wanted to wear a bow tie (gray) too he said, "No, I wanna wear a blue one like Caleb."

Oh and I cut my hair yesterday. It's SHORT. I'm not sure if I like it yet.

I had to get another photo of this little guy in the tiny bow tie. Although, I shouldn't call him little since he is a 25lb almost 8 month old.

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