Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Caleb 8 Months

Yep, he is a whole eight months old now. His favorite things are peek a boo and the itsy bitsy spider. He will hold a blanket or a ball in front of his face and peek at you with the biggest smiles and he even does the motions to the itsy bitsy spider when the mood strikes. 

He is starting to actually eat food but I wouldn't say that he likes it. He will eat up to a fourth of a cup at a time. He will sometimes feed himself tiny pieces. 

We finally got him falling asleep on his own and he sleeps all night long on most nights.

He has said "Mama" a few more times and will occasionally mimic sounds/words in our conversions. He starting to sign "eat" in addition to his first sign "milk".

He isn't quite crawling yet but he is interested and trying. Maybe if he wasn't 25lbs he'd be zipping along by now. He still likes to sit and play with toys but his desire to get places is getting more obnoxious.

He gets so sad that he almost always throws a little fit when an immediate family member leaves the room even if one of us is still right next to him.

He is my sunshine, my joy, my schatz, my little tub of baby goodness. I love him so.

 Did I mention that he is 25lbs!?
 He is such a round little thing.

He has got such a modelesque look with those big serious eyes and pouty lips; totally Blue Steel.

This was a smile captured during a game of peek a boo.
Archie just wanted to run around rather than sit for a picture.
With his Aunt Vanessa.

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