Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Caleb 7 Months

AAAAHHH!!! Caleb is seven months old now! Every once and a while I have this crazy thought that he is growing to fast and that he needs to slow down so I can enjoy his baby cuteness longer but then I remember that he is so heavy and that I can't wait for him to start walking.

He is clapping his hands and sometimes his feet now and it is incredibly adorable. He totally said, "Mama" to get my attention the other day. He does a great job signing for milk and after only showing him a few times. He loves music. He sticks out his bottom lip sometimes and he looks so sad but so cute when he does it. He is still mostly content to just sit around and play with toys (YAY!) but he is really pushing the limits on scooting while sitting and stretching to get a toy. He chews on his toes- I'm not sure how he does this with his over-sized belly. He is holding his own bottle; he loves to bounce and drink. He will stand holding onto the sofa or something that height for a few seconds.

I learned that he is much cuter naked then he is in the cutest outfit ever. A few weeks ago I dressed him up in the most fabulous sailor suit made with love by his aunt Sara. He wore it for the first 5/6th of church until he peed all over everything. His back up outfit (size 2t) was too small to fit over his huge head so he just wore a diaper for the last little bit of church. 
Attention/complements received in cutest outfit ever: 2. 
Attention/complements received wearing only a diaper: 5,436. 

Caleb still hates food, although he recently tried banana and seemed to almost like it. These last few days he has been drinking so much milk that I can hardly pump enough to keep up with it. So I am really hoping he gets over it and starts eating.

Could he BE any cuter!?

He is so flexible when he is motivated.
He's got thighs for miles.

Still no teeth!

This is the bottom lip stick out that makes him look so adorably pouty.

This toad suit was Jacob's when he was little. His mother made it and saved it for him. :)

Monday, April 29, 2013

Archie's 2nd Birthday Party

Okay so I put up some nicer photos of the boy closer to his actual birthday but here are some of his party and birthday at home with just family.
I know that he has been 2 for over a month now but let me gush a little about this boy. He is so smart. He knows his shapes, colors and numbers (he can count to 10, sometimes higher) in English and German. We are working on the alphabet but he will sometimes pick up a letter magnet and tell us what it is and he can sing the alphabet song and a few other favorites like Twinkle, Twinkle (he knows this in English and German) and Bache, Bache Kuchen. He still loves his books and will usually sit through the half hour story time with no problems and the story tellers will almost always compliment his great behavior. He loves to cuddle with his Papa and listen to him tell stories. He loves to make "Valentines" (anything crafty usually involving paper, scissors, tape, paint, stickers, crayons, etc.) with me. He loves to help. He "helps" with the dishes, laundry, sweeping, mopping, watering the garden, fixing things, cooking dinner, and anything to help his little brother. He is fun to talk to; the cutest things come out of his mouth. He sometimes calls mushrooms bubbles because of their shape. I have also heard the sentence, "I need some celery!" come out of his mouth more than once. He loves his fruits and veggies. Favorite meals include hotdogs, chicken salad, quesadillas and sauce-less pizza.

We have a few strawberry plants in the backyard. The first time that Jacob picked one with him and let him eat it he asked for more. Jacob told him he would have to wait until the strawberries turned red. So Archie went and found his little lawn chair and pulled it right up to the strawberries to wait. :) That boy loves his berries.

Back to his party, he had a blast. We had lots of berries and he loved the pinata and cake and friends and presents. What more could a two year old want?

On his birthday with my family.
 I did a little photo booth during his party and here are some of those pics.

Caleb was happy play for the birthday guests. 

He asked for a blueberry pinata for his birthday so I made him this.
 What he lacked in skill he made up for with enthusiasm. He was so happy to hit the pinata.

Friday, April 19, 2013

Aviator Jacket And Chasing Ducks

 We went to play at the park today and it was nice and cool so I thought I'd get a few shots of Caleb in the aviator jacket. Archie had a blast chasing the ducks and then we played with friends. It was a fun morning and we all had a good nap after.


Tuesday, April 2, 2013


So we visited with Jacob's family for Easter.  We had some fun times. In addition to the traditional Easter Egg Hunt, which I missed since I was putting Caleb down for a nap, there was an egg pinata, confetti eggs, egg dying and a few family portraits.


These two were almost inseparable.
Caleb loved all of the attention from cousins, aunts, uncles and of course the grandparents.

This was one of the confetti eggs in action. To make them you drain the egg out of the shell and then stuff it with confetti. Then you take the egg and break it over someone's head. Archie thought it was pretty funny stuff.