Saturday, March 30, 2013

Caleb 6 Months

Happy Half Birthday!

I spend a ridiculous amount of time pinching and tickling his rolls of fat. With a laugh like Caleb's, who wouldn't?

So my dairy free diet seems to be paying off. His snot was all clear after about 2.5 weeks of me saying goodbye to dairy. He has been sleeping and breathing better. When the New Mexico dust storms/wind got really bad he got a bit of a runny nose as did most of our family but even with that he is doing ok breathing a sleeping. In fact, we have seen a few more 11ish hours of sleep from him.

He seemed eager to try eating again so we tried feeding him some purees but soon gave up because he is just spitting it out. The tongue thrust reflex just hasn't gone away yet so I guess he's not ready. He still has 4-5 8ounce bottles a day. He generally only eats them for me and even then he has to be half asleep and swaddled. It's like he doesn't like food anymore. Good thing he has all that fat on him from when he did.

Caleb loves to sit. He will sit and play with a toy for the loooooongest time. He will sit up in his bouncy and when we set him in the car seat we have to push him back to buckle him in. When a toy gets out of reach he will slowly scoot over to it while staying in the sitting position. He enjoys bouncing and jumping in his baby bouncer and jumper. He loves exploring everything with his mouth. He is great at making a variety of faces and being incredibly cute.

Best facial expression ever.

He really loves fabric and will put anything he can get a hold of into his mouth.
He is all about his feet these days.

He is still such a happy guy.

Archie was all too eager to get in on the picture action. Caleb loves his brother. Archie is getting better at sharing with him. Archie wins Caleb's admiration by reading him books, bringing him toys, shrieking in his ear, holding his bottle when mom is driving, running around like a maniac, slapping him in the face (I swear he likes it), and giving him kisses.

Six month stats:
Weight- 23 lbs 1 oz
Length- 28 inches

I don't usually pay too much attention to head circumference but Caleb's was 19 inches!! (Archie's was 20 inches at his 2 year check up a couple of weeks ago).

They didn't print out the exact percentiles for us but his weight and head circumference were way above the 98th percentile and his length was between the 90th and 95th.

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