Sunday, January 6, 2013

Christmas 2012

We enjoyed Christmas morning at our house. Archie got to take his time opening and then playing with his presents.

This year we did a Christmas book advent. Every night we placed a wrapped up Christmas book under the Christmas tree and Archie would open it and we would read it to him. So on Christmas morning Archie avoided the larger gifts and went straight for a book. He even found one with his name on it. This was probably coincidence but he is getting good at recognizing his name and a few other words.

After the morning with just the four of us we went over to my moms and had more presents and Christmas lunch.

This year we also celebrated St. Nicolas Day and did the Sunday candle advent. We have done these in the past (Jacob and I did St. Nicholas Day before we were engaged). I wasn't too good with taking photos of the Holidays for 2012. There is always next year.

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