Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Caleb 4 Months

He is 4 whole months already! 

He is still an incredibly happy baby. He smiles a ton and is so patient. He has been watching me and making raspberries the whole time I put this post together.

He is starting to appreciate his toys more and he loves to watch his big brother play. He still loves books and has a fantastic attention span for a 4 month old.

He has recently started eating a bit less. He is down to about 7-9 ounces 4-5x/day. Sleeping has been a bit rough this past month. He is has been congested the whole time so we think that is why.

He MELTS my heart with these smiles of his! 

His eyes are still a deep, dark blue. They haven't changed too much since birth.

He is such a good conversationalist. Just make eye contact and he'll tell you some stories.

He has been chewing on his hands quite a bit lately. 
 He wore this outfit to church recently and I knew I had too get some good pictures of him in it! Adorable, right?

 It's kinda hard not to just sit around and pinch his cheeks all day.

Here is his almost sit.
 At Caleb's 4 month check up we saw a different doctor since ours was on vacation for the week. He noticed that Caleb is holding his head well and is almost sitting on his own (he can for a few seconds) and thought that was good. He asked if he was reaching out for me to pick him up. I said no. The doctor said that usually happens between 6-8 months and it's something to look for... towards the end of the visit the doctor looked at Caleb's stats and apologized because he thought he was 6 months old. I also heard the nurses asking each other, "Does he really weigh that much?"

Yes! We have a 20 pounder already!

Caleb's 4 month stats:
weight- 19lbs 15oz- 99.09 percentile
lenght-27.5inches- 99.85 percentile

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