Sunday, November 25, 2012

Sunday Photos

So I had this idea a while back to take a quick photo of us together before church each Sunday. It's really great because we are already all dressed nicely and usually the boys' faces are a bit cleaner than usual. So today has been the second time that we have taken a picture (it's hard when traveling or sick). There wasn't a single good photo but they made me laugh when I first looked though them and they make me happy because I will be able to look back at our little family and see them grow. Here are the almost good ones:

I may like this top one the best... but as you can see just below Caleb is blinking not asleep.



So this last one really makes me laugh and it's not even close to being in the almost good category but I LOVE the way Caleb looks in it. He is so big! We weighed him this past Monday and he was 15lbs (at about 7 weeks). That is so crazy to me. He's got his 2 month check up this week and if he keeps up his current weight gain schedule he'll be around 16lbs. I'll be posting some pics of Caleb with the stats soon so we'll see.

 The big boys lounging before Mama and Baby were ready.


  1. Such a good idea! I love the pictures (and some of the typical Jacob faces.)I think Caleb should share some of the chub with Kate.

  2. This is such a cute idea. I know we are very guilty of never taking enough of the four of us together.
    And even though you say that none of them are good, they will definitely make you smile to look back at in years to come. Because although you aren't all smiling perfectly at the camera, your personalities and relationships really show.

  3. your family is so darling and I am so glad you contacted me and excited to follow along.