Thursday, November 29, 2012

Brotherly Love

Having two has been an adventure so far. It's been hard but I love it. I love these boys both so much. I hope their love for each other grows beyond what I can imagine. 

Archie loves to help with Caleb. He will put bottles in the sink, bring me burp cloths, and unfold the tabs on the diapers for me. He is happy if he is helping. He has gotten better about not crying when I put Caleb down for a nap. I can usually get them to nap at the same time which is awesome. 

I do wish he was gentler with his little brother, mostly it's unintentional but he definitely gets jealous, just ask the family that sat behind us in church last week. He put on a show. When I was holding Caleb, Archie slapped him on the face. I keep telling Archie to be nice to his brother because it looks like he will be bigger than him one day.

Caleb often smiles as his brother gets close to him but he often looks a little worried, with good reason. Archie kisses are often head buts.

It's difficult to see what their relationship will grow to be but I hope that it's filled with brotherly love and that not too many of the head buts and wrestlings end up with trips to the hospital.

Today, Caleb was crying and Archie brought him a burp cloth and it calmed him down right away. The other day I heard Caleb crying and Archie beat me to getting to him and when I walked into the room Caleb was quiet because Archie was holding his hand. These moments of love they show for each other are the sweetest thing.

I love to watch these boys grow. They are so different and somehow I love them so differently but not one more than the other.

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