Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Caleb Is Home Now And Better

This past week may have been my most difficult yet. It started out with 3 1/2 week old Caleb having a fever. I called the doctor and was told to take him straight to the ER. I am so grateful to my neighbors and family watching Archie. The ER waiting room was packed but they had us back in less than 10 minutes. He had a temperature of 102.9 and his oxygen was low. He was given oxygen and an IV. Doctors looked him over, tests were taken and 9 hours later we were finally admitted. A long first night in the hospital followed. Nurses kept a close eye on us and I did get a little sleep on a very lumpy bed. 
Jacob took the next day off from work and brought Archie for a visit. I was walking the halls with Archie in a wagon when I overheard the doctors talking, "...25 day old baby ..." and I thought- oh how incredibly sad that is such a young baby... then I realized they were talking about my baby and I almost cried.
Later, I went home for a nap and shower. I was awoken from my nap by my dad who was pounding on my bedroom window since I selfishly turned my phone off so I could sleep. Caleb was being transferred to El Paso where they have a picu and were able to put a tube down his throat to help with his gas. My dad said to go to the hospital immediately so I could ride in the ambulance with Caleb. Well, that didn't happen because I got sick and it took a good half hour to stop being sick so we wound up driving there later.
When we got to the hospital in El Paso, Caleb already had his tube in and they were taking x-rays of his belly (which we later learned was just full of gas that he couldn't process). I was so relieved to learn that the surgeons didn't think they would need to do surgery. With all the gas in his tummy the doctors didn't want him to eat for a while- that wound up being about 24 hours with out food. That made for a rough night. It was so hard not to feed him and not hold him (they didn't want me holding him too much with his fever) and listen to him cry. Caleb really bonded with the pacifier that night.
He did get to eat the next day and that was awesome. At this point enough tests results had come in that the doctors were fairly certain that he just had an infection that caused the fever and the difficulty breathing and his body not be able to process his gas. He had been on antibiotics for a couple of days and that helped him start to get back to normal. We gave him pedialyte before milk to see if he could keep it down. He did and then he drank quite a bit of milk like he usually does. The doctors weren't sure if he could handle so much milk at once so they put him on a restricted diet were he could only have 3 ounces at once. That was really hard too.
He wound up spending two nights in the picu and two more nights on the regular pediatric floor before we got to go home. His aunt Geneva works on the pediatric floor so that was really nice to have her there.

I'm so glad to be home. I really missed spending time with Archie. I'm glad that we can feed Caleb as much as he wants to eat now. I am so grateful to be able to sleep in my own bed and not be eating hospital food.

He is being so good during his ultrasound.

Archie wasn't allowed to visit Caleb so he played downstairs and had a pretty good time. I was happy to get out of the room for a bit and give Archie hugs.

Sleeping after getting to eat for the first time in 24 hours.
Caleb on his one month birthday.


  1. This sounds so traumatic. Thank goodness for good medical care. Glad that Caleb is on the mend and that you are both back home.

  2. I am sorry to hear about these events, but I am glad you are back home.

  3. Having been on that boat, I know how horribly hard and scary and exhausting it is. I'm so glad he's home and okay, and didn't need surgery. I hope you've been able to deal emotionally with all of it. That part was a big surprise for me, all three times we went through it. He's such a little cutie and I hope he continues to recover well. Archie is SO adorable too, by the way. So cute!

  4. I'm glad you are home and everything turned out well. This is bringing back memories of newborn Maddy in the hospital with pneumonia, and its still feels very real!