Saturday, September 22, 2012

Dear Baby

Dear Baby,

First off, why are you still in my belly!?! I was hopping you would be out by now. I know it's only been 39 weeks but I can't wait much longer so hurry, please.

This past week we had an ultrasound and got to see your adorably fat face. You seriously looked so smashed in there. The doctor said that you are only about 7lbs 9oz. It would probably make labor go a little easier if you really are smaller but I'm not too sure how much I trust that ultrasound machine right now. Your big brother is in the 99th percentile for height and 91st for weight right now and I can only imagine that you will be a big boy too. So anyways, it's looking like we wont be inducing and I'm a little worried that once things get started they will happen so fast that I wont get to try the epidural thing and that maybe you'll stay in there past my due date just to out weigh Archie's birth weight. Please don't. 

Archie has been practicing giving you hugs and kisses. He recognizes your name. He is going to be such a good big brother and hopefully a best friend. Apparently he wants to tell you something, I hope that you can decipher whatever code he is using.  ;)

gbggyypp[ikfc c dvedeqak c  c  v

I guess all I'm really trying to say is that we really want to meet you sooner than later and it's fine by me if you are not 9lbs.


Top: profile of the face
Bottom: Fat Crushed Baby Face

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