Friday, September 14, 2012

18 Months Old

Our once baby boy is now 18 months old and about to be a big brother. I can't believe how big and grown up he is is! He loves to sleep in his new big boy room in his big boy bed and occasionally he will go potty. There are so many things that he loves right now but he would be so happy to have me read him books all day or just hang out outside with his Papa all day. He loves to sing and when he feels like it he is excellent at doing all the motions. He will grab each of our toes one by one as we tell him about the little piggies. He loves animals, will recognize them and make their sounds. He is picking up on new words everyday, yesterday, one was "muffin". His favorite sentence is, "I did it!" He loves to say,"Uh-oh!" when he falls down, drops/throws something on the floor or someone passes gas. He is generous with his high fives but stingy with his kisses. On a good day he is about 90% smiles and 10%  tantrums. He loves food especially fruit. Archie and Oma have really bonded this summer over berries and swimming.

Just got his check up today (9/17/12) and thought I would add the stats.
 Height: 35.5 inches- 99.73 percentile.
Weight: 28.6 pounds- 91.95 percentile.


  1. We're excited to see all four of you in a couple months!

  2. Yay 18 months! I wonder how Amelia and Archie will take to each other this time around? -Eliza