Thursday, July 19, 2012

Run Done

So today I ran the 5k that I had been training for.  I had been training very little the last week, so I was full of go.  My weight is down to 196 lbs.

I got 22:23 and am very happy.

My training was not as tabata heavy as I thought it would be back in February.  I also ran a lot of SIIT.  I ran tempo runs, 'comfortably hard' runs at near race pace and distance.  I did a weekly 90 second interval run.  Near the end of the training I worked in 10-20-30 runs I read about.

I didn't have a problem with shin splints, although I had to do some vigorous stretching on my calves - particularly the soleus, which apparently requires a different stretch.

Near the end I started working on hip flexor looseness and shoulder looseness using the dynamic stretches of squat 2 stands and shoulder dislocations. These were awesome for running, my calves bothered me much less, and my hamstrings, always tight, really loosened with this.  Doing lots of hamstring stretches before that hadn't been very  effective, and often led to my upper back hurting.

Oh, another run I was intending to do turned out to be on Saturday, two days from now.  Hopefully I don't get too sore 'cuz I intend to run it.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Painting Pollock Style

We let Archie "paint" using He had a ton of fun and there was no mess to clean up! This is what he did:

Friday, July 6, 2012

More Photos From Missouri

 Here are a few more photos from our trip to Missouri a few weeks ago.

Archie and his great grandpa. He got especially clingy during the trip so it was really hard to get this picture.
Shhh! Mama, don't tell anyone I'm going to help myself to the desserts on this table.
 He formed his very first sentence in my uncle's back yard. He said, "It's a bunny!" while pointing at the bunny pictured here. He has mimicked plenty of sentences that we say often like, "Here I am." or "What are you doing?" or "what's that?" but this time he put the words together himself. What a big boy!

He was always getting into the pots and pans.

Happy 4th

 We got to spend the 4th of July with lots of family. We ate great food, watched the fireworks and did some light painting with sparklers. Archie's cousins had tons of fun with that.

He is one messy boy!

Archie with his cousin and aunt.

I had some fun light painting too. I was behind the camera for the rest of it but Jacob helped out with this one.