Monday, May 28, 2012

22 Weeks And Unidad Park

 So here I am, technically 22 weeks and 2 days. We had THE ultrasound about 4 weeks ago and found out that baby is a healthy boy. He measured a few days big but Archie measured a couple of weeks big so I am hoping not to have another 9 pounder but the doctor said that 2nd babies tend to be bigger than the 1st so who knows. Baby was awake and wiggly during the ultra sound and he kept putting his fist in his mouth. Archie did that too. This baby seems to be more calm but that's not saying much and I could just be remembering Archie in later weeks...

I am feeling pretty great overall. Nausea is minimal (though it was fierce in the first few months). I only lost 5 lbs with this one- I lost 15 lbs last time around. I am feeling very pregnant. I feel huge and I get stuffed easily. I started feeling mild Braxton Hicks contractions at about 14 and a half weeks. A week later, Jacob was able to feel the baby move so this baby is strong! Throughout this pregnancy I have been craving pretty much everything unhealthy. Early on I wanted poptarts (I hate poptarts) and bacon cheese burgers. Now I want pizza, pasta and ice cream more than anything which isn't really unusual. Vegetables make me gag but I'm trying to eat them anyway.

We really are glad to be getting another boy. It's not that I don't really want a girl someday but we both wanted this one to be a boy. Baby and Archie will be about 18 months apart. We think it will be so fun for two boys to grow up so close together. We kept all of Archie's stuff so I don't have to worry about getting much of anything.

We went to Unidad park this morning and let Archie run around. Some of the big steps were a bit challenging but I think he had fun.

 Mama, did you know it's kinda bright out here?

 Cheese smile!


 I love that little Archie hand reaching for Papa.

 Driving the boat.

He was actually terrified of the swing but here he is laughing at his Papa.


  1. I didn't know you guys were expecting again! Congrats! And Congrats on a boy!!! That is always so exciting!!! I hope you feel well! 18months is a great split for age - I know! Your boys will be best buddies!

  2. So exciting to be pregnant again! We will definitely have to make another Caliche's run :)