Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Birthday Archie

We recently celebrated Archie's 1st birthday. Jacob took the day off and we spent the whole day together and had a birthday open house. I took tons of pictures. It was a fun day except for when Archie slipped on his birthday icing and fell kind of hard.

The cake photos:
He wasn't so sure about the cake at first.

This was shortly after his first bite.

Once he got into it he loved it!

I love that he almost sat in his cake.

Here he is right before his slip. Frosting can be dangerous!

He got every wooden toy imaginable form his aunt Donica, clothes from Oma and Opa, new balls from the neighbors, and we gave him a little red piano, a remote control car (for him to chase, not control) and some fun books.

He did great opening his presents.

Once Papa helped him get this toy camera out of it's box he took a picture of me. He was so proud of himself.

Overall, I think we all had tons of fun on his first birthday.

Now to the more usual monthly update stuff.

His favorite pastime is to explore the backyard and bark at the neighbor's dogs. Yesterday, he ran up to a little boy and started barking at him. Maybe he needs to spend more time with people. Although, he loves play group and nursery. His favorite foods are pickles, pizza and oranges. The words that we most often hear him say are, "Mama", "Buch/book", "hi", "Ball" and "go". If barking like a dog counted as a word that would be in there too, at the top of the list. We love our silly boy!

"Alright Mama, enough pictures, Teddy and I are outta here!"

The stats from his first year:

At birth he was 8 lbs 15 oz, 19 inches.
At two months he was 12 lbs 14 oz, 23 inches.
At four months he was 17 lbs 7oz, 27.5 inches.
At six months he was 19lbs 2 oz, 30 inches.
At nine months he was 22 lbs, 31 inches.
At his one year check up he was 25lbs 4oz, 32.5 inches.
The percentiles this month are both in the high 90's.

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